Yes, that's right, I miss this blog and everything about it!
You're like, "Whaaa?! Em, you made such a big deal about leaving."
Well, yeah, I dunno... I just miss it.

I feel like this is where I really started blogging.
It's my birthplace.. hahaha

And I miss all of you...
All three hundred and something of you.
But see... probably not all of you are still interested.. in well... me.
So that's why I want to ask you,
Should I come back to

Right now I'm blogging on my so called family blog..
Yawn... BORING.

So if there are any of you out there anymore...
Please vote!

Should I come back to this blog?



Anonymous said...

I vote you pick one blog and stick with it! :)

katherine said...

PLEASE come back. love your style so much.

Bri said...

i voted yes, but i will admit i love both blogs for different reasons so maybe combine a little bit of both your interests and family? i can see you already started doing that in your last few posts, which i love!

anywhoo, your baby girl is sooo beautiful! makes me so excited for my baby due in june :)

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