Some more film shots that I love.

Rosie's two month old doctors appointment is today.
If I'm not mistaken, I believe she'll be getting her shots today :(
I'm hoping Mike will accompany me so that I don't have to deal with a very sad baby by my self.
One thing I'm excited for is getting her measurements because she has grown a ton!

As far as how I'm doing... well yesterday I started seeing a new therapist.
I like him a lot already which is a great sign since I haven't had the best experiences with the past ones.
The lady I saw in Tacoma was a very cooky Christian who "had a vision" that we shouldn't have a baby...
Um... Look at my sweet baby. I'm pretty sure she was meant to be here. Right. Now.
So yeah, this new guy is a keeper

I've got a new project coming up.. hopefully.
I just thought of it yesterday and now I can't stop thinking about it!! Yay!
Hopefully I will be announcing it soonnnn



Despina T. said...

2 months?sweet little baby.omg she's adorable.she must be the light of ur life.i love ur pics.they give me a warm safe and friendly feeling.nice :)

brittany leigh said...

lovely photos! what a little cutie :) good luck at the dr!



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