Our little Rosie is almost 6 weeks old! Oh my goodness!
She is such a sweet baby and we just love spending every second with her.

It's hard to sum up the first 6 weeks in just one post...
so I will just fill you in with what's happening now.

Rosie has started smiling and we cannot get enough of it.
She can hold her head up very well and can also stand up on her tiny chicken legs.
Her poops are so loud and we laugh every time she goes.
She looks mostly like her mama but has some strong traits from her daddy.
Rosie currently sleeps in our bed... but in about a month we'll start to do some sleep training.
We can't tell yet what color her eyes are going be.. but we're guessing either hazel or brown.
She is such a noisy baby.. breathing hard, little coo's, and of course whining.
We are pretty sure she likes riding in her Baby Bjourn...



Mike decided to take Rosie on a walk while I had some alone time at the mall.
So I snapped the pics of them right before I left..
Along with a pic of me because I thought it was worth noting that I got "ready"
Getting ready doesn't happen for me right now...
So the fact that I got dressed & put on foundation and lip stain was pretty darn impressive.


And there is no way I can end this post with a picture of me...
So here is one of Rosie... covering her smile with her hands.. little stinker!



Sarai and Nancy said...

So so so sweet :) I love photos of new little ones. Congrats to you both, I'm way jealous ;)

Christine Dickson said...

Yeah! New baby Rose pictures - so cute! Now go to bed!

Kristine and Philip said...

Congratulations again, Emily and Mike! She is darling!!! Can't wait to meet her in person this summer at our family fun! Love you, Aunt Kris

Randee Lynn said...

She is beautiful! I've always loved the name rosie!

T-rudy said...

Ah! She looks so super cute :) And you're looking really well yourself! Congratulations!

thobeka said...

She's so darling and you look so good! Congratulations!!

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