Can you believe that it has taken me so long to post these pictures?
I can believe it! Raising a baby is hard work and leaves absolutely no time for blogging.
But I have finally come around to it... Here are some pictures from Rosie's birth... enjoy!

I was two days past my due date and decided to be induced.
Mom and Kara (and Mike) kept me company. I felt no pain and was a little whoozy. Epidurals are the BOMB.
I can't believe how big my stomach was. This was right before I was about to start pushing. I was a little drowzy.

I pushed and pushed and made really great progress... We could see her head getting closer & closer, it was amazing.
My doctor was a little behind so I was told to stop pushing or else the baby would come before the Dr. arrived.
So we sat and waited about 15 minutes -- poor little Rosie wanted to come out so bad, but we waited.
Finally my doctor showed up and it only took about 2-3 pushes and my little angel was here.
They placed her up on my body for about a minute as they wiped her off and cut her cord. Then they took her away. 
I sat in my hospital bed just staring over in her direction, I wanted to see her more more MORE! 
The whole time I delivered the afterbirth and was being stitched up, my head was turned, trying to see my baby.
They finally gave her back to me and we did skin to skin. It felt like heaven having her that close to me.
Before they put her on me she fussed a little bit, but immediately stopped when her little body was placed on my chest.
IMG_0568 IMG_0549
I gave the go ahead for my mom & sister to come back in to meet my new little one. I also told them her name.
I was sooo thirsty after not eating or drinking anything all day.
It felt good to revamp a bit so I could fully enjoy meeting my new daughter, and all that hair of hers.
IMG_0608 IMG_0617
IMG_0664 IMG_0655
mymom IMG_0691
Unfortunately they had to take her away from me once more. But this time it was out of my sight. I did not like this.
Lucky Mike got to go with her and watch as they bathed her -- I really am so jealous.
What did I do? I had to sit awkwardly on the toilet as the nurse waited for me to pee. Yeah that wasn't happening.
purecuteness IMG_0778 IMG_0781

I moved to my new hospital room and just waited for Mike and Rosie to join me.
I can't explain the anxiousness that I felt without my new baby in my arms.
She was in my stomach for MONTHS! and now she's down the hall without me? It was killing me!

Mike and Rosie came back, but visitors started coming in.. I just wanted some alone time with my new family.
Not too long after it was just us! Mike and I kept saying, "Is this real?"

I would be lying if I said that the next couple of days were full of bliss, because it was hard!
Recovering from a nasty tear,  getting absolutely no sleep, figuring out how to take care of a little human being.
But there is something so unbelievably sweet about a tiny little newborn. 
You just can't help but look past the exhaustion and stare into those little eyes that are trying to take everything in.

Rosie has truly been a blessing for us both these last 4 months. 
I NEED HER. She has given me a second chance at life. 
I really love her more than my typing hands can express.



Jenessa said...

i love the photos! and i love how you wrote on them! so cute!

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

aww! She is truly adorable!! so happy for you! Looking at these pics is getting me even more excited for my little girl to arrive(via c section) in 7 days.
xoxo. Britt

ashley in wonderland said...

this is so beautiful!

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