Originally I wrote out this big detailed post of how Rosie's sleep training went.
But I've decided to just sum it up.

We tried the cry it out method with Rosie two nights ago and she has done surprisingly well.

The first time we put her down for bed she cried for about 15 minutes and was out.
I still fed her 2 times during the night, but that's actually a big improvement.
And after I would feed her she would go back in her crib awake, and fall asleep without crying.

Naps have been harder.
Probably because she isn't as tired during the day.
But still... the most she'll cry is about 15-20 minutes so I think I'm pretty lucky.
The only problem is that she only sleeps for about 30-45 minutes.
I'll take what I can get!

Last night, we did her little routine, and I put her to bed.
She played with her hands a little bit and fell asleep without crying.
Who is this baby? And what did she do with my Rosie?
About 40 minutes in she started crying, but she stopped after about 3 minutes.
I fed her at 2:00, she fell back asleep immediately.
Then she woke up at 6:00 am. I figured she was up for the day.
I fed her, try to play with her a little bit, but she was so tired.
So back in the crib she went, and fell asleep without a fuss.

So pretty much nighttimes have been the easiest.
It's those nap times that kind of suck, but I'm hoping she'll improve.
I'm trying my hardest to be consistent...

Hopefully next week I'll be able to share all of her improvements!



Jenessa said...

so good to hear! "what did she do with my rose??" ha ha

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