Today I drove Mike to school and decided to stay up in Provo until his 2 hr class got out.
Rosie and I walked around Provo (south of campus to be exact)....

We walked pass the house that Mike lived in when we met for the first time (about 4 yrs ago).

We went to the duck pond. I don't know if Rosie liked it or not.. but I enjoyed myself.

Then we walked to Ness's house and had a sweet little visit.

Mike got done with class and so we went to his eye appointment.

We finally drove home and she was a little sweetheart in the car. 
She fell asleep, but unfortunately wouldn't keep sleeping when we put her down in the crib...
Maybe because we thought she was so cute and took a billion pics of her. 



Jenessa said...

i love everything about these pictures. soooo cute.

Kate said...

She is adorable, especially in those glasses photos!

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