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Rosie turned 5 months a couple days ago (on the 26th). As you can see she abso-toot-ly looooves being on her knees. She rocks back and forth and squeals really loud. It is pretty darn adorable and is music to my ears every time I hear it. Every little squeal I'm like, "Did you hear that?" to Mike... I'm sure he's so annoyed  (of me, not the beebs). Rosie can't sit up quite yet, and frankly, I don't think she wants to. I, and everyone else here, would not be surprised if she started crawling before she can sit up on her own.

I have started her on food -- she doesn't like the rice cereal and makes a nasty face and gags every time I try and feed it to her. I tried mixing it with breast milk, formula, water, & apple juice and the girl just does not like it. She does, however, like veggies and fruits. And I feed those to her once or twice a day.  Let's just say her poops have been a bit... different... since starting solids. ha. Oh and sometimes I give her a bottle of baby juice which I feel is a huge deal since she used to not be a big lover of bottles. I just smile when I see her sucking on it and not chewing on it. Little stinker.

I measured & weighed her and she still pretty much the same as her 4 month stats: 14 pounds and 26 inches long. She is a loooooong skinny piece of baby cuteness. And with her long little arms she grabs and grabs anything she sees which I think is adorable especially when she grabs my nostrils when I'm feeding her. Yeah, it might make it a little more difficult to take her to restaurants, but like Stacie Lang said in her most recent fabulous post that "it's crucial to focus on all the sweet and adorable stuff that comes along with this difficult age" pretty much because one day they will be older and not want you to do all the things we do for them as babies like hold them, feed them, or that one day they'll be too busy to make it home for dinner, etc. (Stacie states it so much better I promise). I won't talk too much about her sleep because it's so up and down... (sigh)... but I will say that it has been getting better these last couple of days where she's been doing these lovely 8-9 hour stretches (good sigh).

Happy belated 5 months you little stinker you!

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The Kunz Family said...

What a great post!! I love the quote from Stacie.. it is so true and I need to tell myself that when my 2 year old is throwing a tantrum in public haha Rosie is so dang cute!!!! I love all her facial expressions :)

Jenessa said...

she is looking sooo old, and so stinkin cute. you sound so happy em!

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