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Rosie turned 4 months just a week or so ago and boy is she a different baby than she used to be!
She is miss smiley and just loves when people come up and talk to her.

-- Rosie's sleeping has improved immensely and I am so proud of her for it!
She knows how to put herself to sleep, and although she wakes up a couple times at night, she goes back down without a fuss.
She is in her own crib which mean my sleep has gotten so much better. Ah, I love her so much for it!

-- She has two teeth already! Holy cow!
They are so cute and sharp and can sometimes really hurt when she is eating :/

These last couple of weeks she has discovered her toes and her lips, which she likes to suck on.

-- Rosie is starting to laugh just a little bit.
Usually a good tummy raspberry or looking at herself in the mirror will get a little giggle out of her.

-- Riding in her car seat has gotten much better which means we get out of the house a lot more.

-- She still hates bath-time... which is a shame... but we are working on it!

This last month has been THE BEST.
 She has really started to show off her flirty, smiley, happy personality...
And we are so in love!



ashley in wonderland said...

that's great emily. she's adorable.

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