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So there hasn't been much sleep going on around here.  For some reason Rosie has decided to wake up 4 or 5 times a night. We tried to figure out the reason -- maybe because she's in the same room as us, maybe it's the bedding in the pack and play, maybe it's something that I'm eating that is affecting the milk, etcetera and so forth. Well... we couldn't really figure it out, and I have been going crazy because I haven't been getting too many zzzzz's. So the time has come once again... Sleep training. 

I thought that maybe we wouldn't have to do it again. I thought that Rosie would eventually cut out her night feedings one by one. But since they got worse, we're going to cry-it-out once more. We actually started it last night and it wasn't as horrible as I was expecting. I'm not saying that she got up fewer times, because that would be a total lie. She still woke up about four times but she only would cry for about 5-10 minutes before falling back asleep. We are hoping that tonight she'll cut out one time of waking up. Oh and since hearing her cry (even for only 5 minutes) totally kills me... I sleep 2 floors above and Mike is on baby duty in the basement. I am sooo grateful he does that for me. 


allison said...

Oh man, I feel for you guys. I hope things are better now!

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