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Mike and I were having a little cabin fever and decided to get out of the house. I jokingly told him we could go bowling and since we couldn't think of anything else to, we ended up at FatCats. Turns out bowling is fun! I always hated it, but maybe it was because thats what everyone in high school did for lame dates, not to mention miniature golfing (don't get me started about mini golfing)... But doing it with your spouse and sweet little babe is so fun! Rosie always reached for the ball when Mike would pick it up -- I'm sure her hands were all sorts of oily by the end of the game. All in all it was fun and cheap and for two unemployed kids living at the folks house that is perfecto.


Alison said...

I'm in love with her hair bow!

Derek and Talia said...

i love your maxi dress :)

allison said...

If you guys come here you can get the 50 dollar summer bowling pass with us. :) Or just come with us when we get one. :)

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