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It is amazing that I still have hair on this head of mine. Why am I amazed? Well maybe because every shower I pull out a handful, every time I brush my hair I pull out a handful, anytime I take out my ponytail I pull out a handful. You get the pattern? I'm losing my hair and I have this little bald person to blame for it. haha. 

As you can see in my picture I have learned how to cover it up. Hair down with curls is by far the best way to make it look like I still have some thickness and a normal hairline. When the locks are tied up in a bun... iughckk..... receding hairline, random little bald patches, and the ponytail thickness is just so small I want to cry.

I am very much looking forward to getting it back... but probably by the time that happens we'll be talking about baby #2 and all the hair demons will just be waiting to yank all of my hair out. (fyi that was very much a joke about having baby #2 so soon. Big joke. Not for many many many moons)

So all you ladies who have been through this or who know stuff about stuff... any helpful tips? Let me guess, the usual? .. drink more water, take your vitamins, blah blah blah. I don't know why I have such a hard time doing those things. I'm very bad at taking care of myself if you haven't noticed. I honestly don't know how you would know that since you don't live with me....  hmm. Mike and my parents would very much get it. I digress. Sooooo, if you know some useful things, great, if not just say uplifting things like, "it gets better I promise!" That'd be nice. 


lindsay said...

more babies more babies more babies!! :D

haha kidding. but rosie is so dang cute, she's worth every hair that falls out!

also i love the rose gold streak. so cute. love ya em!

Lee Family said...

I think your hair is lovely and I'm sure it will get better! I never lost hair with my babies but with each one my hair got less curly and more frizzy! :( So, you're not completely alone with the hair issues! Dang kids! ;)

The Kunz Family said...

I go through the same thing! So.. I started to wash my hair less and it seems to help. I used to wash my hair every day, then gradually went to every other, and now I wash it evey 4 days. Sounds gross, but it has helped me a ton! By the 4th day my hair is usually in a pony tail or bun haha I also started doing a deep conditioning treatment evey week. I use the renewing moroccan argan oil (bought it at Target) good luck!!!

Colette Banks said...

Can I just say I am so glad to read this. I thought there was something wrong with me cause I keep losing all my hair! (and the receding hairline.... oh yah, understand that all to well!) I mean, I knew after you have a baby you're gonna lose some... I had no idea it was going to be this much lol. Thanks for sharing!

Christine Dickson said...

Hi Emily - well I don't know if a comment from your Mother-In-Law counts but here goes - I had 7 kids and lost hair after each one was born. There was nothing I could take or do to stop it - my doctor said it was the way my body reacted to the change in hormones (hormone fluctation) that happens after the pregnancy is over. So, because I got tired of the thinness and because when it starts to grow in you will have thick hair down to one level and then thin hair, I always cut my hair to a bob after the baby was born and then kept it that length until it started growing back in. It does come back - my hairline didn't recede but I definitely lost about half of my hair's thickness, but each time it did come back and now since I have not had a baby for 20 years, it is as thick as it ever was! Hang in there! I was always so jealous of my friends who had a baby and never lost any of their hair!

Kait said...

Stress = slowed metabolism, which results in hair falling out, among other things. The more ways you can reduce stress, the better. For example, eating more calories, enjoying the sun, getting sleep. Hard to do with a kid I'm sure. :P But at least know that when you are finally able to get more rest, it will be extremely restorative. :)

Oh and, never diet! Dieting = mega stress. I get so concerned when I see Moms immediately dieting after having a child. They've been through a pretty huge stress by giving birth, and they are likely to cause themselves to lack a lot of nutrients. =/ But anyway... XD

Good luck! :)

Meredith Kaur said...

I used to lose a lot of hair too. I was always pulling it out of my combs and would clog the shower on a regular basis. I never seemed to get bald patches, but it was still annoying. I got a short hair cut about a year ago. When I say short, I mean, very short. I think if you get your hair cut shorter, this will help the hair loss. I have to agree with your mother in law. But regardless of your choice, good luck!

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