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Growing up I had THE BEST neighbors anyone could ask for. Yes, they were better than yours. Well, it had been a year or two since we had seen each other so my BFF's Mom set up a party for us since we will all be going our separate ways this fall. We shared soooo many memories and all we did was laugh -- my cheeks hurt from laughing so hard, so yeah.  I realized that I was a little pain in the tush. Apparently when we were little I tried to teach the neighb kids about the birds and the bees. hahahaha. I cannot explain to you how embarrassed I was when they said that -- I had totally forgotten. Also I learned that on several occasions, me and Ness would take advantage of the younger kiddos... like bombard their lemonade stand and demand we get paid... or take them to Wendy's and make them pay for our Frosty's. I heard stories I hadn't heard before.. like when Ness duct-taped Ky Ky's hands behind her back. Ky Ky then  runs and biffs it on the cement...what did Ness do? She ran home out of fear. hahahahaha. Poor Kylie. Apparently Ky had a real hard time getting up but when she did she went to her back door and knocked on it with her head (while she was sobbing of course). Oh my gosh. If you only knew these people. 


kara said...

The pictures of all of you turned out so cute! and of course all the pictures of Rosie are adorable, as usual. Looks like you had a lot of fun!

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