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There were several things that Rosie used to despise doing. Like, being in her car seat, taking a bath, and riding in her stroller. All of which she finally CAN stand doing now. And I say in my title that not only did she overcome these battles but I did too. Let me explain....

Hating her car seat not only made her scream and squirm but it caused me to never leave the house out of fear of putting her in that dreaded thing. Even quick little outings were always avoided or I'd make sure Mike was home to watch her while I went out. This was NO GOOD. It wasn't good at the time and the thought of her never liking her car seat made me depressed that we couldn't do fun things because Miss Screamer wouldn't allow it. So what solved it? I'm not sure. It could be that we just kept trying (and when I say we, I mean Mike making us get out of the house so she would get used to it). OR it could be her growing up and being able to play with toys that distract her. I honestly think it is a combination of both of those. I honestly don't care what did it.. I am just so very happy that is over with.

Her hatred of baths. Oh how I hated bathing a crying baby who looked so frightened of the water and her situation. We tried every type of bath too... I tried bathing her on the little baby sponge, in the miniature tubs, in the regular tub, in the sink, in the shower with me, etc... I honestly think she felt scared of the water and the lack of security. I bathed her about once a week because of this and I FELT HORRIBLE every time while doing it. Well my big sister said that whether she likes it or not, make it part of her bedtime routine, and eventually she'll get used to it. It's a good thing I had both my sister and mom pressuring me to do it, otherwise I don't think I would have... Anyway, so a few weeks ago I started the routine of bathing her in the sink after her last nap of the evening. The first night was typical: screaming baby. Second night: whining baby. Third night: no crying or whining, but won't sit down. Fourth night: Sat down and not a peep came from her mouth. Holy hannah, we had done it. Now, I still give her baths every night before bedtime and it doesn't phase her one bit. She even smiled today. MELTS MY HEART.

Rosie didn't full on hate her stroller.. but she would never last more than 2 minutes in it. What did this make me do? When ever we went on walks it was in the Bjorn, which is FINE, but what happens when she's tripled her size and I can no longer carry her in front of me? So I was worried that she wouldn't ever like her stroller, meaning, we couldn't really take her and do fun activities with out holding her in our arms. ALSO, I felt guilty about having this nice stroller that may never be used. Like the car seat and the bathing, we just kept trying and trying. If she is fully fed she seems to do okay in it. I hook on some toys and have some cheerios just in case and she is a happy little baby. I don't even consider using the Bjorn anymore because I don't want her to get un-used to the stroller. I guess that might be a bit extreme. 

To sum it up, Rosie has progressed IMMENSLY, and I like to think that I have too. This baby raising is harrrrrrd. It is SO easy to do what is EASY and not what is BEST for baby. I'm so lucky to have those people in my life who pushed me to get out of my comfort zone. Oh and thank you to my therapist who said that when Rosie cries it doesn't mean that she hates me. Very good to hear :) 


astr!d said...

thats good, first babies are hard! we have to do things that our babies (and kids) dont like, but they have to get used to it. otherwise we would all have spoiled little brats running around! lol and lord knows there are enough of those in the world!

Jenessa said...

emmy you are doing sooo good

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