(Typing this from my phone so bear with me)

We have moved to Northern Virginia so Mike can attend law school at George Washington University which is in DC. Mike found us a little one bedroom in Arlington which I was a bit concerned about since there are 3 of us... But it really has seemed to work out perfectly. We gave Rosie the bedroom and have moved our bed into the living room -- loft style. I like how it has turned out and I'll post pictures as soon as we have Internet over here.

Our apartment is about 10 minutes walking distance from the nearest metro line so Mike just hops on that and is at his school in 25 minutes altogether. We really lucked out.

He has already been to one week of law school and he described it as starting kindergarten for the first time. Haha. As for me and Rosie... We're just hanging out at home trying to make time go faster until Daddy gets home.

We have managed to venture out of the apt a couple of times. One of which we took the metro and the bus to Georgetown and got a cupcake at Sprinkles and visited all of the amazing stores that Georgetown has to offer: Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, Zara, Madewell, J. Crew, Anthro, etc... Oh the shopping is too good to be true here. Too good for poor law students.

Today we tried going to our new ward for the first time which I was pretty excited about. We showered and got all ready and drove to our church which is about 15 minutes away. There were no cars in the parking lot and a sign on the doors that said there was no church due to Stake Conference. So, so much for that.

We're not all the way settled just yet. There is still a lot of unpacking to be done, which is the worst thing in my opinion, and nearly impossible with a very curious baby crawling around and trying to stand up on EVERYTHING. I'll talk more about her in the next post or two since she just turned 7 months today.

Wish me luck on week number two! Hopefully I'll get get everything put away and start decorating this cozy little space.


Satyra said...

Em that's so exciting for you guys! Sounds like fun. And I know how you feel...Cincinnati has lots of amazing shopping to offer too, but I'll just be window shopping:) hopefully we can come visit you sometime!

Syd said...

My husband and I just moved to Arlington for GW law school from Utah too...and e are Mormon :) been reading your blog for a while now. Has your hubby joined the J Ruben Clark society yet? It's an LDS group on campus with great connections to internships, jobs, ect. And the wives are going to get together and meet up in the next few weeks. Let me know if you are interested in learning more!

Christine Dickson said...

It sounds exciting - you just need to figure out something you want to do for you so that you aren't just waiting for Mike to come home every day - school for yourself maybe (even online) or some kind of job you could do from home or getting involved in a Mom and Baby class at a neighborhood recreation center or something like that. Three years is a long time and a short time and you are young and energetic so figure out something you want to do for you so that you have your own activity or project - that's my best advice to you for while your husband is in graduate school! Someone gave me that advice long ago and it was good advice! I had already graduated from college before I got married but I did get my own activities to do while my husband was in his post graduate training (which took 12 years altogether)! It will make for a much happier and healthier you and baby!

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