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(yet another post from my phone)

Not going to lie... 7 months has been a hard age. Rosie is pretty pro at crawling now and insists on pulling herself up on anything in sight which of course must be monitored like crazy since she's not a very stable stander quite yet (which is a little frightening since our apt is all wood floors). The littlest bonk on the head will start up a good crying fit where she'll want to be held but push away from me the moment I hold her. She is a handful.

Sleeping has been amazing and horrible. The first week of living here she did really well. She had a few nights where she would go from 10 or 11 all the way to 6:30 am (that is good for us). But this last week she has been a pain to put down down for her last nap... So then that results in her going to bed kind of early. Which would be great if she slept until morning, but that's not the case. Shell sleep a good 5 or 6 hour chunk at first and then is up every 2 hours for the remainder of the night.

All of these sleeping shenanigans have been happening the last three nights and I'm really hoping (and wishing and praying) that it is just a phase or maybe teething and that it will pass. It's hard putting her down to sleep and not really knowing how she is going to do.

Enough of the complaining and on to the cute and wonderful things that Rosie does (because there are many!)

She loves playing with the most random things in our house: the vacuum, the car keys, the mirror we laid on the ground, a pack of gum still in the plastic, the windshield scraper.. She gets so excited and starts saying, "Ahhh ahhh ahhh" when she see them. Lucky for me each one will keep her busy for about 5 minutes.

She loves to stand up. The only time she's crawling is when she's trying to get to her next destination to stand up on. Her favorites are... Inside her crib, any bin, any dresser, mirrors, the bathtub, the toilet, the oven door (it's off don't worry), the lamp, and of course the vacuum. The other day she stood up on the bin in her room and had one hand on the bin and the other on the way (for added support) and started to grunt. Her first ever poop standing up -- it was hilariously cute.

When she is sad she motorboats her lips and sort of hums. It's hard to explain how it sounds. She'll be crying and then start doing it... It always lightens the mood and makes the crying babe a lot more bearable. She also does it when she's happy but it really stands out to us when she's sad.

There is soooo much more I could say about her but it would be the longest post ever. Love you Rosie rose!


Roxanne said...

How do I forward your wonderful blog to others? Is there a secret or special way, because I want to share! Love, Roxanne xoxoxo

emdickson said...

Hmm I'm not sure of any secret special way.. You could either send them the blog address or share my blog's facebook page with your fb friends. Love ya!!!

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