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Student loans came in.. meaning we could finally afford to get some internet up in here! I didn't really miss not having internet... haha probably because I wasn't totally without since I have a handy dandy smart phone. But really, there is only so much you can do on that tiny screen. So I can now finally upload all of my hundreds of photos of Rosie because you're totally not sick of seeing her adorable chubbiness right? (don't you dare answer if it's no.. you can just shoo away)

Things are coming along around here. Very slowly but very surely. Each weekend we get a little bit more unpacked. Can we never move again please? In the whole 2 years that we've been married we have moved a total of 6 times. I just want to settle in my little teeny apartment and nest. Un-pregnant people nest too right? 

Rosie has been quite difficult this week. It started off with a real rocky night of sleeping where she woke ever hour. EVERY HOUR. She hasn't done that since her newborn stage. We figured it was from the lasagna that we ate for dinner... and maybe it was... but we have kind of come to the agreement that she is teething with molars. Yes, my 7 1/2 month old is getting molars. I guess we could be wrong because she certainly didn't come up to us and tell us her molars are on their way out. But, with the insane crabbiness, the terrible sleeping, the NONSTOP nursing, the chewing of her thumb, we just figured. Who knows. All I care about is that is passes on by.

Can I be the millionth person on the web to say that the weather is absolutely delightful? It went from extreme heat and humidity to pure fall goodness in just one day. Which also made me realize that we have zero fall clothes for Rosie. I'm thinking a good trip to H&M for some long sleeve shirts and leggings will get that over with. And of course some moccs must be in her falldrobe from either Freshly Picked or Minnetonka. Gotta keep baby girl up to speed on baby fashion because sadly there is such a thing.

Heres to a happy teething week!


little said...

such a cutie! teething is the worst! i hope it passes too.

Kara Sanofsky Lochhead said...

I'm so glad you'll be posting more pics of Rosie. I miss her so much! She looks so cute in those leggings. I'm glad you guys are getting settled. Love ya!

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