Rosie fall 2012 (7 of 10)
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Today I realized that we both spaced Rosie turning 9 months. We were a whole 3 days late - good thing she doesn't understand. She is quite the busy body and is already starting to walk. Her best is probably 4 steps and a lunge towards mama.  She does some really funny things when she's excited like  bobbing her head, scrunching her nose, blowing air through her front teeth, shaking things really fast, etc... (those are all really bad descriptions. I wish I could show you!) She waves when ever we say hi or bye and you can see her waving HERE. Changing her diaper is always a challenge and cannot be done with out a very interesting toy in her hand and usually one in my mouth. She has discovered turning off the TV. Rosie has a little beanie baby snake and hisses whenever she sees it or whenever we say, "Where's your snake?" Her sleeping has gone from sleeping from 7:30-6 to waking up every hour or two. We've discovered how much she loves little kids. At church she was distracted by this little boy and girl for a good 20 minutes. At the stake Halloween party she chased around a little boy in a monkey suit the entire time we were there. (I will be posting Halloween pictures in a day or two). She will not sit in her car seat anymore unless we physically hold her down while she screams. Once she is buckled she is perfectly fine. Weird. She is a wild wild 9 month old.

As far as Hurricane Sandy is going on over here... Well so far we have had a lot of rain and a lot of strong winds. Mike's school was canceled today and is canceled tomorrow as well (yay!). We have stocked up on water, canned foods, and batteries -- hopefully we won't have to use any of it. The grocery stores are wiped clean of all the emergency preparedness items, it's kind of freaky. We are up pretty high in our apt building so we aren't too afraid of flooding, but we are a bit nervous of all the trees around us because they are constantly hitting our windows from all of the wind. We've been told to "go to a safe place and stay there," so that is what will do! It's a bit weird to be over on the east coast during a hurricane since all of my life I've been in Utah watching the news about these disasters. I'm just hoping that it'll pass on by causing very little damage. 


Eileen said...

Great pictures and a beautiful girl! She is delightful and we miss you three so much. We're glad you're well prepared for the storm. You're in our thoughts and prayers.

Kara Sanofsky Lochhead said...

I love all the pictures of Rosie. I cannot believe she is walking already...crazy! We sure miss you guys!

natalie said...

these pictures are amazing.

emdickson said...

Thank you! I really appreciate it :)

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