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When Mike's mom emailed us saying that she needed a family picture of us for her missionary son I decided to whip out my camera and tripod and do it myself. Having a professional photographer shoot your pictures is always preferred but when you don't have $200-$300 to spare, doing it yourself will definitely suffice. I'm not going to do a tutorial by any means, but I thought I would show you a couple behind the scenes before I got the winning pic.
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Since Rosie has been able to grab items, I've had to be extra careful about bringing my camera out. She loves touching all the buttons, and most of all, the lens. Putting the camera on the tripod got it out of her reach, but then worrying about her knocking over the tripod was another story. Luckily we got through this shoot without any scares (high five Rosie!)
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As soon as I had the camera set up I had Mike stand in front to test the lighting. Since we were inside and it was a little grey outside, I had to turn the ISO up a little higher than I would've liked.
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Once the lighting was to my liking I had to test out the timer. I set it to the max time which was only 10 seconds. That's 10 seconds to run around the bed, pass the baby to Mike, and try to look halfway decent. (As you can see we weren't dressed yet for the pictures... This was a very last minute shoot.)
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Rosie is a bit clingy to her mama so she was mad when I handed her off. I would've held her but I always stand really weird and crooked when I do, so that was not an option.
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Finally Rosie found her finger (four or more molars are breaking through) and gave us a good picture. Success!!!! These are not perfect by any means, but they are perfectly free. And better yet, I got to edit them which is my favorite part.


girluntitled said...

you rock the pixie cut!!

jenessa said...

beautiful em. seriously. mike is already looking like a sophisticated lawyer and you are rockin the hair like i didn't even know was possible.

Alli Scovi said...

I love how the picture turned out. You do a great job. And you guys look so great! I love the hair on both of you! And Rosie is so precious.

Hannah duToit said...

Such a cute blog!
Sending some love from the LA area!
Hannah duToit @ fitnessfashionmommyhood.blogspot.com

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